Recent Releases

  1. Fight Nice: It Might Be So True (single)

    It Might Be So True (single)

    This pop nugget is like a cherry on top of deeper musings about life. As you sing along and ponder, you’ll enjoy the live-in-studio energy of Fight Nice. more

  2. Fight Nice: Stuck It In Your Eye

    Stuck It In Your Eye (single)

    Stick with this song and you won’t regret the big payoff at the end. With a subtle and relentless build, Fight Nice unfolds layers of brass tacks and bottom lines. more

  3. Fight Nice: If There's A Love Here (single)

    If There’s A Love Here (single)

    A shameless pop song from Chicago rock trio Fight Nice. Part of their live-in-studio series of singles, this catchy track has guitar hooks, poppin’ bass, tight drums, and a joyful mixture of infectious and tongue-twisting vocal harmonies. more

  4. Fight Nice: I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely (single)

    I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely (single)

    In contrast to their last single, Fight Nice hits hard with aggressive drums, heavy guitar, bass like the foundation of a skyscraper, and in-your-face vocals. I Guess I Thought I Was Lonely kicks off Fight Nice’s live-in-studio series, giving you a clean snapshot of their on-stage sound. more

  5. Ruffin: Americanism


    Ruffin tells stories through the eyes of an artist that has ridden the roller coaster of the Great Recession (like many of us have). One might assume these songs would be bitter, but Ruffin writes instead about seizing the moment, taking control of one’s life and making things happen regardless of what others say or think. more